Croft Retail and Leisure Park joins forces with police thanks to mobile unit during half term

Merseyside Police and Croft Retail and Leisure Park have joined forces to give families an insight into the work the police carry out in the area.

Over the half term, Merseyside Police have used the popular shopping destination to set up a mobile police station to show children how their units work, switch on the blues and twos, and provide a platform for people to share concerns they may have in the local area.

The initiative is part of an ongoing partnership between The Croft and the Police to proactively support the wider community.

Tony Thompson, Centre Manager for The Croft Retail and Leisure, said: “As such an important part of our local community, we have a duty to use our destination as a force for good, as well as providing a huge choice of retail and leisure destinations for our community to enjoy.

“We’re delighted to partner with the police to use our area and provide our customers with face-to-face support from those serving Merseyside, and contribute towards a safer neighbourhood.

“We continue to work closely with Merseyside Police and look forward to further initiatives like this as the year progresses.”

The Croft Retail and Leisure Park is home to more than 40 stores and leisure destinations, culminating as one of the largest shopping destinations on the Wirral.